“Scarcely in politics, in business, or in religion, have you got a man. You see a lot of things which are called men, who turn the way the wind  blows. I pray God to send a few men with what the Americans call ‘grit’ in them; men who when they know a thing to be right, will not turn away, or turn aside, or stop; men who will persevere all the more because there are difficulties to meet or foes to encounter; who stand all the more true to their Master because they are opposed; who, the more they are thrust into the fire, the hotter they become; who, just like the bow, the further the string is drawn, the more powerfully will it send forth its arrows, and so, the more they are trodden upon, the more mighty will they become in the cause of truth against error.”

C.H. Spurgeon
Special Guest Contributor (1834-1892)

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing"      Edmund Burke

We are currently gathering email addresses in order to poll the owners. We will be asking questions the board will not ask. Such as;

1) "How do you want to spend revenues on the island? Why do we need to add onto the Ono House? Can we not use the Harriet Cockrell center?

2)What did the board members vote for? Why does the board not post who voted for what? How can I vote for a board member if I don't know their voting record? Why are the minutes not published in detail?

3)How much should we spend on legal fees?" The board furnished documents showing they spent well over $330,000 on the rental lawsuit. There are other owners wanting to sue because they weren't grandfathered. The board and rental committee is harassing the owners that are renting which will carry them back to court. How much does the island want to spend on the rental issue ? Another $350,000? Why did the board not grandfather all owners before going to court? Why did the board insist only the plantiffs be grandfathered in the settlement?

The board has not inquired about these issues from the owners yet continues to promote their own agenda. The 7/2015 letter from the president states there is a group spreading falsehood’s. All information posted on this site is from the poa or the courts.

            Please make sure we have your email address and participate in guiding your island!

Questions for the Owners