This website has been developed due to the uncertain direction the island has taken in the last few years. For years the island was a loving friendly community that "lived and let live" in harmony. When we buy a home in a neighborhood with small lots we should expect there to be times when we are frustrated by a neighbors action. We  overlook minor infractions with the idea that the neighbor will forgive and overlook our infractions as well. Now we are experiencing a push to change the island into an atmosphere that limits individual freedoms and property rights for the pleasure of a few. Did you know you have to have a permit to bring a motor home onto the island? A permit for  delivery truck.You can receive a fine for putting your garbage out too soon? Or not returning your can to the home soon enough? As with most group situations ideaology develops that is either in favor of more rules and fines to enforce or self governance.  With one we give up rights and freedoms in order to control others and with the other we must work out peace and harmony with our neighbors. We are currently looking for stories to post related to the Board of Directors and their treatment of owners. If you would like your story added to the site please email us at